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As CPS prepares for upcoming school year, superintendent asks everyone to 'be present'

Board Vice President Carolyn Jones talks about the upcoming school year, and the new CPS campaign "Be Present."
Bill Rinehart
Board Vice President Carolyn Jones talks about the upcoming school year, and the new CPS campaign "Be Present."

Cincinnati Public Schools classes start Aug. 18, and the district is short some teachers. Superintendent Iranetta Wright says when she started in May, there were 164 vacancies. As of Thursday, she says the number was down to 39.

“Not where we want to be. We know that it’s important for every child to have a certified teacher in front of them,” Wright said Friday morning. “Thank you to our union for working along with us. Some of our teachers that were released and doing other positions have committed to going back to the classroom.”

Wright says the district is still recruiting, but she feels confident they will be able to meet all needs. She says the district appreciates the teachers it has, and wants them to stay. “To continue to engage with our children, engage with our families, to work with them. Let them know the things that are going really well, and the areas where you need support.”

Wright says she wants everyone to be involved in the upcoming school year. She says CPS's new "Be Present" campaign is about that.

“The work that we have to do with our children is too great for us to do in isolation. It really takes all of us to ensure our students are successful and they meet their full potential.”

Wright says the campaign calls on students, parents, teachers to create a learning environment. It also calls on the community.

“You have to determine what present is. For some, that’s volunteering. For others that’s actually mentoring; finding students that you connect with,” she says. “For others, that’s tutoring. You have an expertise in reading, math, science, social studies, bilingual. You have an expertise you’re willing to share with our students.”

Sunday afternoon, CPS is hosting an online Q&A session to talk about transportation for the upcoming school year. The meeting is online only, Sunday, August 14, at 4 p.m. The event ID is zryugtpy.

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