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We're Discussing All Manner Of Local Creatures That Slither, Crawl Or Creep


Now that summer is almost here, more people are outside working in gardens, playing in parks, camping or hiking in wooded areas.

Which means they are likely to encounter some of the many snakes, salamanders, lizards, toads, turtles and frogs that inhabit our region. Some people react to these animals with fear, others with wonder.

Joining us to discuss some of the most common reptiles and amphibians you'll find in our area, and how to identify them, are Ludlow Schools and Gateway Community College Biology Teacher and past-President of the Greater Cincinnati Herpetological Society, Marc Frevola; and Cincinnati Nature Center Chief Naturalist and Adult Program Manager Bill Creasey.

For more information on the reptiles and amphibians that inhabit our region, visit: the Ohio Division of Wildlife,  Ohio Amphibians, Buckeye Herps, Kentucky Herpetological Society, Kentucky Snake Identification, and the Hoosier Herpetological Society.