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The Challenges Faced By Those Who Have Served In The Military And Those Who Love Them

The men and women who serve in our military, and their families,  face a variety of challenges and changes in their lives, during active duty time and after service members return from deployment and reintegrate back into more normal routines. Joining us to discuss working with members of our armed forces, veterans and their families and how to treat the physical and mental health issues that can result from military service, are Susan McIlvain, clinical social worker in the Cincinnati VA MedicalCenter?'s PTSD/Traumatic Brain Injury Residential Program; and Dr. Gary Dick, a therapist and professor in the University of Cincinnati's School of Social Work and editor of the book, Social Work Practice with Veterans.

Military members, veterans and their families who would like  information or help with PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury can call the VAMC at 513-861-3100.