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Cincinnati Health Department Warns Of Potential Measles Outbreak

Ambriehl Crutchfield

The Cincinnati Health Department is investigating a potential measles case. The department is urging residents to get vaccinated to decrease the spread of measles and other preventable diseases.

Officials were vague on details, only saying a patient in the city is being tested for measles. Health officials say they are reaching out to people who may have encountered the patient while the virus was contagious, but wouldn't specify what area in the city.

"Our intentions right now are to be very cautious and act as if it could be measles even though we are expecting the testing to come back as negative," says Sharon Hutchins, who works in the disease prevention and control unit. She says the department wants to prepare the city in case there is a potential outbreak.

Health officials say four out of five states neighboring Ohio have reported measles cases in 2019.

Hutchins says results should be in at the end of next week.