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How Architecture Impacts Human Health


Architecture and the built environment effect our lives every day, says American Institute of Architects Cincinnati Executive Director Julie Carpenter. Buildings are places where we live, work and play. Carpenter says there is an increased interest in design that promotes health and an improved quality of life. That is the focus of the AIA Ohio Valley Regional conference Sept. 19-21.

The theme this year is Building Wellness, focusing on how architecture contributes to healthy people, communities, and environments.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the conference are Terrapin Bright Green Director of Projects and Technical Specialist Catie Ryan Balagtas; and University of California, Los Angeles, Fielding School of Public Health Pediatrician and Professor Emeritus Richard Jackson, MD. Ryan Balagtas will give Thursday's keynote exploring how design can better connect people with nature. Dr. Jackson will give Friday's keynote on the impact of design on quality of life.

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