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New LGBTQ-Friendly Health Center Comes To Cincinnati


Underserved and uninsured people are getting a new affordable health care option.

Equitas Health Medical Center and Counseling Services is opening a location later this winter in Cincinnati's Walnut Hills neighborhood. It will serve all communities, with services tailored to the LGBTQ community, including primary care, behavioral, women's and trans health. Along with Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance, the center accepts payments on a sliding fee scale.

CEO Bill Hardy says they want to ensure no one walks away without care. "If they have health care issues or specialty needs getting the care they need. And to get those services in ways that do not bankrupt them," he says.

Dea Andrea Diebold says she hasn't experienced bigotry when looking for a doctor. But that hasn't been the case for some people she knows.

"I've seen my friends try and find doctors," she says. " The list for patients is not open right now for most doctors and Cincinnati just lost one of its trans care doctors. So, there are a lot of people right now who are not just underserved but almost unserved."

Equitas has 19 centers in other Ohio cities including Columbus. The Human Rights Campaign gave the center there a perfect score for providing LGBTQ inclusive health care there.