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Hot days are here again

Credit Michael Keating / WVXU
Kids stay cool playing in a fountain.

After a slow start, summer in Southwest Ohio is starting to feel more normal... and by normal we mean HOT.

Heat advisories and watches are in effect for Wednesday and Thursday.

“We’ve had some hot days but we really haven’t had a string of several hot days in a row like we’re experiencing now,” says Rocky Merz with the Cincinnati Board of Health. “It’s going to be a little bit different on your body. You’re not used to the extended heat waves. If you are planning on being outside for long periods of time you want to take precautions and make sure that you’re listening to your body, that you’re getting plenty of water.”

If you don't have air conditioning or access to a cool location, Merz recommends going to a library, shopping mall or one of the city's rec centers. You should also drink plenty of water and check on the elderly and others who might be susceptible to the heat. The state offersthis Check on Your Neighbor kit.

Animals can also have problems with the heat. Be sure your pets have somewhere cool to go and access to lots of fresh water.

AAA is urging caution as well. The auto club reports roadside assistance calls are up 25 percent. The biggest problems are dead batteries caused by extreme heat, overheating engines, and people locking themselves out of their cars when they start the engine to cool down the inside before driving.

Senior Editor and reporter at WVXU with more than 20 years experience in public radio; formerly news and public affairs producer with WMUB. Would really like to meet your dog.