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Cold isn't keeping everyone indoors

Another Polar Vortex is sweeping across the region forcing many indoors but there are still some adventurous souls braving the cold.

Nathan Cramer normally plays in-line hockey but earlier this year he invested in a pair of hockey skates.

"I got my own ice skates this year," said Cramer. "I bought them knowing it was going to get cold enough and there'd be some free ice to play on."

The West Chester native and half a dozen other college-aged guys glide across Eden Park's frozen reflecting pond. When the pond froze over they grabbed shovels, cleared the snow and built some small wooden goals.

TW: At what point do you decide that it's just too darn cold? Cramer: Today's borderline. I think if it was windy we wouldn't be here. But the wind subsided for the day. Definitely today is borderline. Any colder than this and I wouldn't want to be here.

The guys said they planned to play for about an hour.

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