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Hunter files for new trial

Ann Thompson

The attorney for former juvenile court judge Tracie Hunter filed a motion for a new trial Wednesday.

Two days after deliberations started in her trial, the jury returned a verdict on one of the nine counts.  Hunter’s attorney, Clyde Bennett, says while the jurors verbally agreed with the decision then, it was sealed, and not read until days later.  Bennett says since then, two jurors have signed affidavits to say guilty was not their true verdict.

Bennett says those jurors were denied their right to say so in court, and that is grounds for the new trial. 

Hunter was convicted of unlawful interest in a public contract, but the jury could not agree on the other eight charges, which included forgery, tampering with evidence, theft from office, and misuse of a county credit card.

Sentencing on the guilty charge is scheduled for December 2.  Bennett and the special prosecutors in the case are expected back in court over the motion for a new trial November 13.