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Cincinnatian loses out on Mars trip

Scott Stoll
Scott Stoll has been eliminated from the long list of Mars One candidates. The adventurer has already biked around the world and will now find something else to do.

Monday morning Mars One released the listof names of candidates who made it to the next round, and Cincinnatian Scott Stoll was not among them.

Stoll lasted nearly two years in the competition that seeks to send groups of four to colonize on Mars beginning in 2024.

Stoll is no stranger to adventure, having biked around the world, and now says he will focus his energy on children, hoping to drive their sense of adventure.

During the time Stoll was being considered, Mars One required him to have a thorough medical exam, write a 30-page paper, do a video and answer questions in a live video chat with former NASA scientist Dr. Norbert Kraft last month.

The interview featured questions like:

  • Tell me the day when you decided to settle on Mars with no return and why.
  • After three years on Mars, if you were able, would you return to earth?
  • A dust storm is coming in. How many hours of reserves of oxygen will you have?

Stoll says the interview didn't go as well as he hoped. He admitted he wasn't as prepared as he could have been. He is also writing a book and it had to be at the publisher's on that same day.
His family isn't complaining he won't be going to Mars. Stoll says they bet on  it by putting dollars in jars that said "Scott Stays" and "Scott Goes."

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.