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Chelsea Clinton: 'Don't Stand On The Sidelines'

Ann Thompson
Chelsea Clinton takes questions from the audience during a brief campaign stop in Cincinnati.

During a Cincinnati campaign stop Chelsea Clinton urged a small gathering at The Transept in Over the Rhine to cast a ballot. "If you wouldn't let someone else pick out what you wear on a given day why would you let someone else vote for you?"

Credit Ann Thompson / WVXU
People crowd around Chelsea to get selfies with her before she left The Transept.

In fact she told the crowd of fewer than 100, "It's part of being an American. It is one of our great privileges and also one of our responsibilities."

Clinton is crisscrossing Ohio Wednesday to urge people to vote early for her mother, Hillary Clinton. She said if elected President, she will get things done.

"I'm hopeful my mom, who has a strong record to be able to find common ground in early childhood education, with veterans issues, to support foster care, she can take that record, and kind of remind Republicans and Democrats of the things they were saying, so....we can get a lot done."

OTR resident Andy Sheeks is a Hillary Clinton supporter but he says this was his first political event. "You hear so much in the media and on TV, everywhere else, "Saturday Night Live," so I wanted to actually come out and see what was happening in real life."

John Back says this presidential election has forced the hand of the electorate. "Donald Trump's bad qualities may outweigh any need to focus on Hillary Clinton's good qualities unfortunately."

Portia Leftin is a volunteer in Clinton's Clifton office. "I'm first and foremost pro-Hillary but over the summer have come to be anti-Trump."

Chelsea also made stops in Columbus and Cleveland Wednesday.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.