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Hints, Tips And Tricks To Beat The Crowds At Holiday Shows

festival of lights
John Minchillo

The winter holiday season is in full swing, with plenty of things to see and do in the Tri-State. We asked people on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for their tips and tricks for improving the entire experience.

On Reddit, "veggiesaur" says go to the Cincinnati Zoo's Festival of Lights early. You not only get in before the crowd, but you also get to see the animals. Several people on Twitter say to go when the weather is badand you'll have the zoo pretty much to yourself. Michelle Curley with the Cincinnati Zoo says the Festival is less crowded on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Another Redditor, "between2throwaways," suggested visiting the control tower viewing platform if you need a break from the crowds at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Spokesman Cody Hefner says buy your tickets for the Holiday Junction online and be aware that the parking lots fill up quickly.

"It can be a little bit of a walk," he says. "We do have a courtesy shuttle during the holidays, so you can always hop on there and get a ride up. But it is two parking lots and just one shuttle. Be mindful of that. Feel free to drop off and then go park, especially if you have elderly guests with you."

Another Redditor recommends the Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival at the Christ Church Cathedral the weekend after Christmas. "HarryPeritestis" says "it is a beautiful bit of Merry Old England exported to Downtown Cincinnati, and it extends the Christmas feeling beyond December 25."

Krohn Conservatory's annual holiday display this year celebrates Cincinnati's German heritage.  Director Andrea Schepman says the weekends are often their busiest times.

"There are some times it might be even more special to come. We are going to have some late nights from December 13 through the 23rd. We'll be open until 7:30 during that time frame," she says.

Schepman says parking can be problematic in Eden Park, but points out Metro runs a bus that stops right in front of the conservatory.

Holiday in Lights marketing coordinator Rachel Barns says the light display at Sharon Woods is open now until New Year's Eve. "Weekdays are definitely the best time to come if you don't want to wait in line. Also earlier in the season the better because as we start getting closer to Christmas and the holidays it definitely starts getting more packed. The Fridays and Saturdays towards Christmas are going to be crazy busy." Barns says the drive through takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

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