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Cincinnati Police Cracking Down On Illegal Quad Riders

Courtesy of Cincinnati Police Department
Multiple motorbikes and quads have been seized over the previous year.

The Cincinnati Police Department is cracking down on people illegally riding motorbikes and quads throughout the city.

Since last September, CPD's District 5 has conducted 13 seizures, including nine over the past three months. Six arrests were made, including one involving a gun, and four involved in traffic accidents.

To crack down on illegal bike and quad riders, the department is working with communities to gain access to surveillance cameras to track vehicles and suspects. District 5 Captain Craig Gregoire says CPD is also using undercover officers to apprehend suspects.

Credit Cory Sharber / WVXU
District 5 Capt. Craig Gregorie addresses the illegal riding of motorbikes and quads throughout Cincinnati on June 18, 2021.

"When the community says 'Hey, the cops aren't doing anything,' more than likely you don't know whether they're there or not because we're not in uniform," Gregorie said. "So, my message is to those individuals that think that this is OK, that think that they can get away with this, we're watching you."

Gregorie noted COVID-19 restrictions affected how traffic stops could be conducted. With those being lifted, he says to expect the number of seizures to start going up quickly. However, the department will not be chasing riders due to possibly risking the safety of pedestrians.

"Do we want to create a situation where now we have pedestrians, vehicles, [and] innocent bystanders injured? I don't think anybody would want that," Gregorie said.

The department doesn't want the community to confuse organized motorcycle events with the unlawful use of quads and motorbikes. Gregorie says the vehicles need to have proper equipment installed on them to be street legal and titled, including bumpers, proper lights and windshields.

"There is a clear distinction," Gregorie said. "You have people that register their vehicles like we're all supposed to do, and then you have those that don't want to register and allude the law and continue this criminal behavior."

CPD will also be looking at social media posts of alleged riders. The department can't comment on whether the incidents are separate or gang related due to ongoing investigations.

A shooting on June 5 involving a quad rider at 1813 W. North Bend Road is currently under investigation. Below, you can see bodycam footage from two incidents over the past year.

Cory Sharber attended Murray State University majoring in journalism and political science and comes to Cincinnati Public Radio from NPR Member station WKMS.