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Survey suggests nearly half of local kids are vaccinated against COVID-19

Verity, age 8, holds up a sign after getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
Cincinnati Children's
Verity, age 8, holds up a sign after getting vaccinated against COVID-19 in November at Cincinnati Children's.

A survey from Interact for Health this fall shows nearly half of local kids were vaccinated against COVID. Director of Research and Evaluation Kelley Adcock says 520 adults answered the online survey, and 46% said their kids had received a vaccine dose.

"Seven percent report their child definitely will get vaccinated. Twenty-two percent report their child definitely will not get vaccinated, and 25% have not decided," Adcock says.

The online survey was conducted from Oct. 29 to Nov. 12. Kids ages 5 to 11 weren't approved for vaccines until Nov. 2. Adcock says Interact for Health and UC's Institute for Policy Research will conduct more polls next year.

Fifty-four percent of local parents earlier this fall said they had enough information about COVID vaccines for kids, Adcock says.

"This provides information just to tell us where parents are at today, or at the time of the survey," she says. "Where are they coming from; what are those areas of opportunity where we can provide information; talk to their health provider; point people to resources..."

Interact for Health, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and the Health Collaborative have launched an ad campaign encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated against COVID. "The message is aimed to remind our families here in Cincinnati of the benefits of vaccination by using testimonials from local kids," she says. "A lot of it's really cute."

Adcock says parents can upload testimonials from their own kids, and be eligible to win prizes. The website also includes links to pediatric vaccine providers.

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