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Angela's Tribe Ends Curse, Finally Avoids Tribal Council

Robert Voets
CBS Broadcasting Inc.
Angela Perkins (right) stands atop a floating dock during the immunity challenge Wednesday.

After burning the Malolo banner, Angela Perkins and her Malolo tribe mates finally won an immunity challenge on "Survivor: Ghost Island" Wednesday.

That means Perkins, 42, from Oregonia in Warren County, has made it one-third of the way to the $1-million "Survivor" prize.

Credit Robert Voets / CBS Broadcasting Inc.
CBS Broadcasting Inc.
Desiree Afuye, James Lim, Kelly Bechtold, Michael Yerger and Angela Perkins at Tribal Council last week before voting Lim out of the game.

The Malolo tribe had lost five of its original 10 members in the first six episodes. Malolo lost the reward challenge for steak and chicken early in the seventh episode Wednesday, but rebounded to place second (of three tribes) in the immunity challenge.

The Naviti tribe voted out Bradley Kleihege, 26, a law student from Michigan who was disliked for being bossy and argumentative.

Perkins is one of 13 contestants (of 20) remaining in the competition. "Survivor: Ghost Island" ends 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 23 (Channel 12, CBS).

John Kiesewetter, who has covered television and media for more than 35 years, has been working for Cincinnati Public Radio and WVXU-FM since 2015.