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Looking Up: Summer Skies Are Here

The summer months bring longer days with more sunlight and warm temperatures many of us love... but maybe not so much for astronomers uninterested in staying up all night. On this episode Dean and Anna discuss some of the pros and cons of summer stargazing as well as previews of what to look for in these coming months because there's always an eclipse to be chasing somewhere! We are also joined by co-host of Science Rules! with Bill Nye, and former Editor at Discover Magazine, Corey Powell (@coreyspowell) to talk about the importance of science education as well as the numerous international space missions happening these days that may not have made it onto your radar.

Dean Regas is the Astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory and a renowned educator, a national popularizer of astronomy and an expert in observational astronomy.
Anna Hehman is the Director of Development for the Cincinnati Observatory. Her official duties include ensuring the financial security of the Observatory and securing support for its outreach programs as well as exploring relationships with potential funders. Anna also has a Marketing background and manages the Observatory's social media, where she resists the urge to post adorable animal videos on the O's social media accounts with almost 100% success.