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2018 Was The Worst Year For Children Dying In Hot Cars

With the Backseet Buddy a sensor fits behind the padding in the car seat and when the driver gets out it will send a notification to his or her phone that a child is in the backseat.

In 2018 more children died from being left in hot cars than any other year on record. In 2019, 41 children have died. More information on the statistics can be found at

Now, lawmakers are pushing for new legislation that may prevent these tragic deaths. Meanwhile, parents have developed devices that could warn caregivers and save a life, including a local couple with an app to alert parents.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the latest cases, legislation to prevent hot car deaths and a new app to alert caregivers are Backseet Buddy Inventor and Registered Nurse Maria Striemer; and Engineer Grant Striemer; and President and Founder Janette Fennell. 

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