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DeWine Refuses To Acknowledge Trump's Role In Undermining Potential Election Results

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio)
Office of Gov. Mike DeWine
Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio)

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) is assuring the people of Ohio that the state's elections are fair and secure. While it seemed to be in response to President Donald Trump's comments that undermined the validity of the election, DeWine refuses to criticize Trump.

DeWine spoke out against white supremacy, assured voting was secure, and said the results would be accepted. These run counter to what the president said in the first presidential debate.

However, DeWine refused to acknowledge the president's role in causing misinformation and concerns about a potential peaceful transition.

"We'll continue to speak out against anything that disrupts the fairness of an election. We'll continue to speak out against hatred and violence. That's what my job is, my job is not, every single day, to critique the president of the United States," says DeWine.

DeWine supports Trump for president and said on Twitter that he did a "great job" during the debate.

When pressed on DeWine's ready to stand against either Trump or Joe Biden if a potential constitutional crisis arises, DeWine said "absolutely."

"No governor of the state is going to stand up here and say or have any intention, I would hope, that we're not going to follow the constitution. The will of the people will prevail in the state of Ohio, the electoral votes will be cast for whoever gets the most votes in the state of Ohio. I will guarantee you that," DeWine says.

Watch: Gov. Mike DeWine asked why he does not speak out against President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Trump called on his supporters to go into polling locations and "watch carefully." But no one is allowed within 100 feet of polling locations unless they're voters, poll workers, specially-designated observers, or journalists.

DeWine says these laws are in place so voters can "feel safe."

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Andy Chow is a general assignment state government reporter who focuses on environmental, energy, agriculture, and education-related issues. He started his journalism career as an associate producer with ABC 6/FOX 28 in Columbus before becoming a producer with WBNS 10TV.