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Podcasts from Cincinnati Public Radio

Enjoy our original shows and on-air programming.
Current Podcasts:
  • Dean Regas of the Cincinnati Observatory is your guide to the galaxy, helping you make sense of the dizzying expanse of glittering stars and the glowing planets of our solar system.
  • Introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way thanks to the Charles H. Dater Foundation and Cincinnati Public Radio's 90.9 WGUC.
  • A student podcast, developed in collaboration with the Charles H. Dater Foundation.
On-Air Segments Available in Podcast Feeds:
  • Cincinnati Edition airs every weekday during the noon hour, bringing you all the new and noteworthy reporting from NPR's Cincinnati affiliate, with a focus on the entire Tri-State metro area in Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky.
  • A write-in show which directly engages with its listeners, answering their nagging questions about stubbornly unexplained things in the Greater Cincinnati area.
Limited Series:
  • The story of how a now-empty building helped change the world, and how the fate of the neighborhood around it is tied up in its construction, its boom years, its decline — and efforts to resurrect it.
  • Reported and hosted by WVXU’s Ann Thompson, 'Focus' looks at important scientific advancements and tech news trends, as well as their many intersections with other areas and issues in our society today like medicine, politics, entertainment and the environment.
  • 2020 was the summer of Brood X, the emergence of the 17-year cicadas in trees throughout our area and many parts of the country. WVXU joined with cicada expert Dr. Gene Kritsky from Mount St. Joseph University for a 10-part series.

  • One problem with an abundance of choice is that, sometimes, the noise can drown out the signal—there’s something seemingly tailor-made for everyone, but that means it’s that much harder to sift through and discover your own goldilocks preference, even among the best podcasts.