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Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Weighs In On Ohio Issue 1

Travis Irvine was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.
Travis Irvine was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.

The Libertarian candidate for governor has weighed in on Ohio Issue 1, known as the Drug and Criminal Justice Policies Initiative. In a statement Monday, Travis Irvine called the ballot measure “imperfect,” but “a step in the right direction."

If passed, Issue 1 would change how state courts handle some felony probation violations, and give prison inmates “sentence-credits” for participating in work or educational rehabilitation programs. It would also require the state to spend any money saved because of Issue 1, on drug treatment, crime victim, and rehabilitation programs.

In his statement, Irvine said, "Drug abuse is a public health issue, and non-violent drug abusers need treatment to turn their lives around, not punishment that often sends them deeper into addiction and crime."

Irvine also said the state “wastes hundreds of millions of dollars every year on prosecuting and incarcerating non-violent drug offenders,” and "It's time to get serious about ending the opioid crisis in Ohio."

Irvine calls for legalized marijuana, and cites a report that shows legislation attacking so-called "pill mills" actually exacerbates the opioid crisis.

In the general election for Governor, Irvine faces, Republican, Ohio Attorney General and former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine, civil rights attorney and former Green Party co-chair Constance Gadell-Newton, and former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director and Ohio Attorney General, Democrat, Richard Cordray.

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