Book Reveals New Details In Case Of Convicted Killer Ryan Widmer

Jun 20, 2019

A decade ago, Sarah Widmer was found dead in the bathtub of the Hamilton Township home she shared with her husband, Ryan Widmer. The call Ryan made to 911 shortly after Sarah's death was played repeatedly in news coverage and interviews since, with particular attention to the chilling line, "I think she's dead."

But all these years later, Ryan Widmer, now sitting in a prison cell, maintains his innocence. Former Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Janet Hisle dove deep into the Widmer case and recently released a book about what she found: Submerged: Ryan Widmer, His Drowned Bride, and the Justice System. Why does this case continue to fascinate the region – and the nation – a decade later?

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss is author Janet Hisle.

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