How Work Readiness Programs In Our Area Are Preparing Students For The 21st Century Workplace

Jan 14, 2016

College and Career Success class through the New Richmond Work Readiness Skills program.
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School alone sometimes isn'’t enough to prepare young people for the dynamic challenges of the workplace. This includes planning for interviews, working in teams, communicating well and handling oneself in diverse environments; the more practical every day skills. Work readiness programs connect students to employers, helping these students plan for future workplace success.

Cincinnati Public Schools' program My Tomorrow ensures all seventh graders are prepared to actively pursue their career path by the time they graduate. Near end of last year, hundreds of 11th grade students through the program received career advice and contacts during the inaugural Business Education Connectivity Council-CPS Career Expo. Another program, the Clermont Work Readiness Initiative, has recruited and trained about 150 business and community leaders, and has seen positive results.

Joining us to talk about work readiness initiatives and how they benefit students and employers are Cincinnati Public Schools Deputy Superintendent and head of the My Tomorrow initiative, Laura Mitchell; Clermont Chamber of Commerce and Clermont Chamber of Commerce Foundation President and CEO, Matt Van Sant; and CenterBank President and CEO Stewart Greenlee, who chairs the Clermont Chamber of Commerce Foundation Work Readiness committee.