New COVID-19 Resource Site Aims To Help Underserved Populations

Mar 24, 2020

A group of Cincinnati organizations has created a website to give the most vulnerable populations help and direction to "parse through the noise of over-communication and misinformation" when it comes to COVID-19

City Council Member Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, one of the site's creators, says, "There is a lot of information to process from our government leaders, health officials and local businesses who are stepping up to help. We've never seen anything like this. It will take a team effort to get us through."

The website,, is a work in progress. The site is live and sponsors - including The Center for Closing the Health Gap, NAACP, African American Chamber  of Commerce and the Urban League - are already making enhancements.

Users can find everything from the most critical health updates about testing, urgent care and medications to news about unemployment, job openings, volunteering and advocacy.

Other local leaders and non-profits can also contribute important content as the crisis continues to evolve by submitting it to

Eric Kearney is president of the African American Chamber of Commerce and is married to Council Member Lemon-Kearney. He says the impact has also been crushing for local minority small businesses. "The black business community is supportive of these efforts to keep people and their families informed and safe," he says.