Ohio Spending Below National Average On Medicaid Pharmacy Costs

Feb 16, 2017

Pharmacy costs for Ohio’s Medicaid program are lower than the national average by more than nine percent. And health insurance companies are crediting managed care plans for the cut in costs. 

The state has 86% of its Medicaid population on managed health care plans. A report from the Ohio Association of Health Plans says that Ohio is saving $3.70 per prescription compared to the national average on pharmacy costs.

The group’s president Miranda Motter says that’s these plans use a “carve-in” method of paying for drugs that fall under managed care.

“This is incredibly important as public programs are trying to look for ways to help bring better management to what those costs are,” said Motter.

Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposes that more Medicaid enrollees move onto managed care plans.

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