Sittenfeld will not run for Cincinnati Mayor

Nov 30, 2012

Council members Charlie Winburn and P.G. Sittenfeld (right)
Credit Photo by Michael Keating

Cincinnati Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld is not going to run for Mayor next year.  Sittenfeld said this morning he'll seek another term on Council during the 2013 election.  

He said many friends and community leaders encouraged him to consider the Mayor's race.

"I enjoy the work on Council and I do feel good about the impact I'm having there," Sittenfeld said.  "And frankly I want to continue a lot of the priorities I've started."

Sittenfeld said he's priorities include long-term fiscal stability for the city and being a champion for all the city's neighborhoods not just some of them.

"There's an agenda I care a lot about, and there's no question that can be pushed through the Mayor's office," Sittenfeld said.  "But I also know it can be pushed through leadership on Council and I'm going to continue to advocate for those goals should I be fortunate enough to regain a seat as a member of Council."

Sittenfeld said there are a lot of talented and sharp people who are going to be in the 2013 Mayor's race and he said he'll be looking for the person who has an agenda that's most aligned with his own.  

So far, former Council Member John Cranley has announced plans to run for Mayor next year.  Current Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls is expected to officially join the race before the end of the year.  Other possible contenders include Council Members Wendell Young and Cecil Thomas along with Republican Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann.

The candidates will meet in a September primary and the two top vote getters will face off in November.