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Keep Looking Up! TV's Star Gazers are in studio before ScopeOut at the Cincinnati Observatory

  Maybe we just weren'?t paying attention before, but it seems as if there?'s been a lot more celestial activity going on this year. Blood Moons, Super Moons, eclipses, meteor showers, planets in opposition...we?'ve even had a triple Jovian shadow transit. And if you don?'t know what that is, you'?re in luck. The Cincinnati Observatory is holding the ScopeOut 2014 Astronomy Fair this Saturday, where you'll be able to see demonstrations, learn about telescopes, and what to look for in the night sky. Special guests at the ScopeOut are the co-hosts of the popular PBS series Star Gazers (seen here on CET): James Albury, director of the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium in Gainesville, Florida, and Cincinnati Observatory Assistant Director and Outreach Astronomer, Dean Regas. And they join us today to talk about all you can see, if you just look up.