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In Search Of Life On Mars

Artist's rendering of NASA's Mars 2020 rover on the surface of the Red Planet.

A University of Cincinnati professor is helping NASA plan the next mission to Mars, in search of ancient life. Dr. Andrew Czaja is among a team of scientists determining where on Mars to land the most sophisticated rover to date. Part of the Mars 2020 mission is to collect rock samples for evidence the Red Planet once sustained microbial life.

Here to discuss the mission to Mars are UC Department of Geology Assistant Professor Dr. Andrew Czaja; UC Graduate Student Andrew Gangidine; and Cincinnati Observatory Outreach Astronomer Dean Regas. Dean Regas is also the author of the book "Facts from Space" and co-host of the PBS series Star Gazers.

A new podcast, "Looking Up," with the Cincinnati Observatory's Dean Regas and Anna Hehman premieres today on wvxu.org and iTunes. For more information, click here