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What A UC Professor Hopes To Learn From The Most Extreme Insect In The World

The tiny Belgica Antarctica, the Antarctic midge, or fly, is the largest land animal found on the continent, as well as its only insect.

University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor Joshua Benoit recently traveled to Antarctica to study how the flies are able to survive in such extreme conditions, and why they can survive only in a place like Antarctica – the midges die when exposed to what we consider comfortable room temperatures.

This recent trip was the third Benoit has undertaken to Antarctica, conducting research out of Palmer Station in the U.S. Antarctic Program.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss what we can learn from studying flies in Antarctica are University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Joshua Benoit, Ph.D (@insectphysJBB); and UC biology student and lead author of the Belgica Antarctica study, Geoffrey Finch.

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