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How Cincinnati Apparel Craftspeople Keep A Personal Touch In The Age of Fast Fashion


Most of us have little idea where our clothes come from -- who makes them, how they’re put together. We buy them off the rack from a small selection of sizes and they fit how they fit. Fast fashion pumps out easy to afford clothes that are stylish for a season, maybe, and then we relegate them to the back of our closet. And online retailers mean we don’t even have to leave our house to get them.

But the local touch and community presence isn't lost among apparel craftspeople. Local tailor shop Peppe Ramundo's Menswear continues to apply a hands-on approach to clothing alteration and design. Meanwhile, a Cincinnati nonprofit called Sew Valley is providing a space for Cincinnati entrepreneurs to put some of that connection and human touch back into clothing production.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to talk about how their craft is changing in the 21st Century are fourth generation tailor and Peppe Ramundo Menswear owner Carmen Ramundo and Sew Valley’s Rosie Kovacs.

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