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Could the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's new labor contract be historic?


The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra has a new labor contract with its musicians. The new three-year agreement immediately restores salaries to pre-pandemic levels with annual raises totaling 8% by the end of the contract, restarts the hiring process for vacant positions and significantly alters work rules.

“The pandemic and societal issues around inclusiveness and equity have accelerated our need to find a new way to work together," said CSO President and CEO Jonathan Martin. "In a collaborative partnership with our musicians, the management negotiating team led by CSO Chief Operating Officer Robert McGrath were able to look beyond our historic work rules to find shared solutions that work in our rapidly evolving environment."

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the new contract are CSO Chief Operating Officer Robert McGrath; CSO Associate Principal Viola and Local 1 of the American Federation of Musicians President Paul Frankenfeld; and attorney Barbara Jaccoma, who represents Local 1 of the American Federation of Musicians.

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