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How some Greater Cincinnati business leaders want to make capitalism work better for us all

Employees of Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. work on the factory floor.
Basette Smith
Employees of Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. work on the factory floor.

Tom Williams argues capitalism in the United States needs an overhaul so it works better for everyone.

Williams is the president and CEO of North American Properties and vice chairman and one of the principal owners of the Cincinnati Reds.

He’s also a commissioner for the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, a national group that’s working to make economic systems function better for everyone.

That can mean better pay for employees, creating family-friendly policies or hiring people with criminal records who have served their time and need a fresh start.

“We’ve had some employers do some great things,” said Audrey Treasure, vice president and executive director of the Workforce Innovation Center at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. The center works with local companies, she said, to help them examine their policies and suggest changes to help them retain employees and thrive as businesses.

“Because the market is down right now, we’ve seen employers raising wages,” Treasure said. “They might have maternity leave but don’t have paternity leave. Or it doesn’t cover pregnancy loss or doesn’t cover adoption.”

Changes can add up to making a workplace more appealing for employees, she said, and providing workers with the pay and benefits they need to support themselves and their families.

Williams and Treasure join Cincinnati Edition to discuss inclusive capitalism, along with Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. President and CEO Dan Meyer; Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. Program Manager Melissa Davis; Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. warehouse order picker Frank Comer; and Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. Director of Operations Michael Taylor.

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