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Ohio will soon be home to the world's largest self-driving vehicle test track. The 540-acre Smart Center facility, near Maysville, will allow smart-car technology to be tested year-round. This comes at a time when Walmart and Kroger are testing self-driving grocery delivery. Just as autonomous vehicles are gearing up, consumer groups are pushing back and calling on Congress for tougher regulations.

The algorithms that operate our computers are used in many aspects of our lives, from online retailing to internet searches, and on stock exchanges around the world. Algorithms are used to decide who gets a job interview, who gets granted parole and who gets a loan. But since they’re written by people, there are concerns that algorithms can reinforce the prejudices of their creators, with serious consequences.

Wikipedia Commons / Steve Jurvetson derivative work: Mariordo

Just as Uber and Google ramp up testing for driverless cars on public streets, Mercedes-Benz and BMW announced at the Frankfort Auto Show they will develop autonomous cars. Other car manufacturers, including Toyota are already doing research in the robot car market, projected to be worth $42 billion by 2025. According to London plans to deploy driverless cars by the end of the year.