New branding for anti-addiction coalition

Jan 14, 2015

Credit provided

The Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati has a new name.  Prevention First isn't as much of a mouthful, according to executive director Mary Haag.

“And that’s part of the point.  We felt like people didn’t truly understand who we are and what we do,” she said.

“We are still the go-to experts for substance abuse prevention," said Haag.  "But to be clear, some people would sometimes be confused.  Is it treatment, recovery support?  All of the other components that make up that issue.”

Haag says prevention science is expanding. Prevention First's focus will include not only education about substance abuse, but also gambling addiction, because the behaviors overlap.

And Haag says the agency's scope isn't just about drug and alcohol education for young people.  She says the goal is promoting healthy choices for the entire population.

“Our vision is that people make healthy choices in every stage of life.  So, we’re looking at early childhood, all the way up to older people.  The senior population, even.”