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Serendipity and Street Art with Margy Waller

I'm really quite jealous of Margy Waller's job title which is Serendipity Director at Art on the Streets. Waller is a long-time arts advocate for Cincinnati, and though the idea of 'directing serendipity' seems like an oxymoron, she handles the task quite skillfully.

"Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked." -- Elizabeth Berg, The Year of Pleasures

Art on the Streets brings together visual artists as well as dancers, street musicians and other like-minded creative people to produce magnificent, spontaneous bursts of creativity and engagement in the city.

You never know where you might encounter Art on the Streets -- you might catch yourself listening to a musician at Second Sunday on Main, or join in on a Fountain Square flash-mob by Pones Inc.,or you might bang a drum with the friendly musical monsters from Forealism-Tribe.

In whatever form it may take, the work of Margy Waller and Art on the Streets brings more fun, more joy - and more serendipity - to Cincinnati, and the entire city benefits from their work.

"Out in the Street" by The Who from the album The Who Sings My Generation
Thank you:
Special thanks to Dan Korman of Park + Vine for allowing us to meet in their cafe for the interview.

Jim is a Northern Kentucky native and a father of three. In his spare time, Jim likes to read, play ice hockey and watch foreign films. He currently resides with his family on the East side of town.