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Wild About Wildflowers: An Exploration Of Our Native Plants


The Lloyd Library & Museum, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and the Wildflower Preservation Society teaming up to explore the world of Ohio’s native plants in the upcoming program "Wild About Wildflowers." The exhibition will feature wildflower and native plant photography by the Cincinnati Zoo's Brian Jorg, with historic photography, live specimens, art, prints, artifacts and manuscripts.


Joining us for a preview of the exhibit are Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation SocietyPresident Christine Hadley; Lloyd Library & Museum Executive Director Patricia M. Van Skaik; and Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Manager of Horticulture, Brian Jorg, who guides expeditions to locations in the United States and around the world and is an avid outdoor and travel photographer.

"Wild About Wildflowers: An Exploration of Our Native Plants" will be on display at the Lloyd Library & Museum September 9 through November 19. For more information, click here