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Dayton, Ohio CityLinks Conference Friday

Dayton, Ohio neighborhood leaders will meet April 7 to discuss the city's challenges and opportunities.

Working to evolve from an industrial city to one that can grow and thrive in today's economy, Dayton, Ohio faces many of the same economic and social challenges as other cities across the country, including police-community relations, poverty and the opioid crisis.

More than 200 Dayton neighborhood leaders are expected to attend the 32nd Annual CityLinks Neighborhood Leadership Conference at the University of Dayton this Friday, April 7. The conference, focusing on "Building one community through education, leadership, partnership," will provide a forum for attendees to discuss the city's challenges and opportunities. For details and registration information,click here.

Joining us to discuss the Dayton CityLinks conference are Executive Director of University of Dayton Fitz Center for Leadership and Community, Dr. Hunter Phillips Goodman; and St. Vincent de Paul - District Council of Dayton Executive Director, David Bohardt.