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Journalism In An Era Of Activism

Kevin Reynolds/WVXU
Cincinnati Edition goes on the road to Oxford with a panel of guests at Miami University.

One of the main tenants of journalism is that reporters remain neutral, acting as unbiased chroniclers of events no matter their personal beliefs or opinions.

But in our current climate of political activism, fueled by the reach and immediacy of social media, their has been an increase in the number of reporters who consider themselves activists and a growing call for more advocacy journalism.

Joining us to discuss journalism in an era of activism and how to train a new generation of reporters to navigate today's instant-information access  and "fake news" environment are Miami UniversitySenior Lecturer of Journalism Patricia Gallagher Newberry and Political Science Lecturer Dr. Christopher Kelley; Cincinnati Enquirer Race & Community reporter Mark Curnutte, who is also on the Miami University faculty; and WVXU reporter Tana Weingartner.