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Saving Seeds And Food Preservation, Plus All Things Gardening



If your garden yielded a bumper crop this season and you have more fruits and vegetables than you can eat fresh, now is a good time to explore the variety of ways you can preserve them for use all winter long, from cold storage to canning to freezing. 

And it's also a good time to start saving, swapping or buying seeds of desirable plants for growing next spring.

Joining us to discuss preserving foods and storing seeds, and to answer your gardening questions, are Thistlehair Farm Owner and organizer of the Ohio Valley Seed Swap, Vicky Tewes; Owner of In the Field LLC, Kristen St Clair; and Co-owner of Homeadow Song Farm and Director of the Community Garden Program at Turner Farm, Peter Huttinger

For more information on food preservation methods, visit the Ohio State University Extension Food information site. To learn more about swapping and storing seeds, visit the Seed Savers Exchange.

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