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We discuss the first year of the Affordable Care Act and look ahead to what happens next

Whether you are in favor of or oppose the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare, there is no question that is has dramatically changed the landscape of health insurance in our country. More than 10 million Americans have enrolled in private health coverage through the Act. But an analysis funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Urban Institute projects that as many as 27.1 million Americans will be uninsured in 2016. 

A special report by WCPO, ?Pains and Gains, A Year With Obamacare?, analyzes the local impact of the Affordable Health Care Act. Joining us to discuss the Act are Judith Warren, chief executive officer for Healthcare Access Now; Trey Daly, Ohio state director of Enroll America; and, WCPO Politics and Government reporter Lisa Bernard-Kuhn.

For more information on the Affordable Health Care Act visit HealthCare.gov, or Kynect.ky.gov