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The True Body Project: Empowering Teenage Girls For Over 10 Years


Being a teenage girl isn'?t always easy; with concerns about appearance, often driven by the media, it can be difficult for young women to feel in-tune with themselves. Founded more than a decade ago in 2005, the True Body Project empowers girls to connect to their bodies and develop authentic voices ? to be their true selves.

Participants study body image, gender, media and more, and advocate for the health and safety of girls around the globe. The founder, Stacy Sims, works with clinical and direct care staffs on self-care and understanding how stress and trauma affect the body.

Stacy Sims joins us, along with Deborah Allsop, executive director/CEO of FamiliesFORWARD, a United Way of Greater Cincinnati agency partner, and School Psychologist for Cincinnati Public Schools, Sarah English.

To watch the three-part True Body Project documentary, created in 2005 in partnership with ArtWorks, click here.