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Two Locally-Produced Films Addressing Our Areas's Heroin Crisis


As the heroin crisis continues across the country and here in Greater Cincinnati, news and media organizations have been trying to explore and expose the many aspects of drug abuse, the individuals fighting addiction and community response to the epidemic.

Two documentaries on the heroin crisis have been produced by local film makers. Finding the Fix, Heroin's Hold on the Heartland, which looks at heroin and opioid abuse and addiction in the Midwest, was produced by Indiana's WFIU/WTIU in partnership with a team from Northern Kentucky University, Indiana University and Franklin College.

From Addiction to Recovery: A Community's Response to the Heroin Epidemic, produced by NKU film makers, explores the heroin epidemic in the Northern Kentucky region.

Joining us to discuss the heroin epidemic in our region are Northern Kentucky University Lecturer in Electronic Media & Broadcasting and WTIU-TV Special Assignment News Producer, Wes Akers; documentary director and producer, WKRC-TV Production Assistant and NKU Journalism major Tori Lentz; and Reporter for The Northener and NKU Journalism major, Molly True, who is currently battling heroin addiction.