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From Marie Kondo To Minimalism, Advice From The Experts

marie kondo
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In this undated photo, Marie Kondo works at a client's home to clear away everything that is unneeded and fails to "spark joy," in Tokyo, Japan.

Ever since Marie Kondo turned organizing into an art and then made her method available to everyone on Netflix, it seems decluttering has been all the rage.

Thrift stores throughout the country have reported an increase in donations as people drop off bags of unwanted household items and everyone is folding their clothes into neat little squares and asking, "Does this coffee mug spark joy?"

Sometimes it can be so hard to let go of items in our lives – the process can trigger anxiety. Clutter can also be overwhelming and create confusion, stress and feelings of guilt. It may take a professional to work through the process of letting go of items.

Joining Cincinnati Edition with advice for clearing away the clutter in our lives are Minimalism and Simplicity Coach Rose Lounsbury; and Lindner Center of HOPE Clinical Director of Outpatient Services and University of Cincinnati Department of Psychiatry Associate Professor Charles Brady, Ph.D.

Lounsbury's book Less. Minimalism for Real Life takes a hands-on approach to de-cluttering and simplifying your life.

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