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With Alcohol Sales Up, Are We Drinking Too Much Under The Pandemic?

With the major stressors of the pandemic, are Americans reaching for the bottle to calm their nerves? Market research firm Nielsen finds wine sales are up 29.4%, spirits by 32.7% and beer up 11.8%.

Simply purchasing more alcohol may not indicate greater consumption but there may be anecdotal evidence to suggest people are imbibing more under the pandemic. Cincinnati Edition is joined by Forbes Business Writer Chris Furnariwith a market analysis.

For those looking to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, support from a group of people may be key to their sobriety. But how do you find that sense of community during a time of social distancing? Members of the "Sober Curious" movement - those who drink less or not at all - are finding new ways to connect online. We'll discuss with Sober Curious author Ruby Warrington; and a local member of the movement Nori Muro who founded the group Women and Moms Living Alcohol Free. Warrington also has a forthcoming book The Sober Curious Reset: Change The Way You Drink in 100 Days or Less.

And, how has the pandemic impacted addiction recovery? An existing heroin epidemic is now rocked by a global pandemic. Cincinnati Enquirer Heroin ReporterTerry DeMio examines the crisis facing our community.

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