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U.S. Supreme Court ruling says group can sue over Ohio’s false speech law

The nation’s highest court has ruled an anti-abortion group can challenge an Ohio law that bars people from making false statements about political candidates during a campaign.

The case involves the conservative Susan B. Anthony list. Back in 2010, that group wanted to run an ad against former U.S. Representative Steve Driehaus, saying he supported taxpayer funded abortion. He didn’t. But he did support President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and the group says that support amounted to support for taxpayer funded abortion.

Driehaus claimed the ads were false because they misrepresented the true facts and therefore, they violated the state’s false speech law, and the state elections commission found probable cause that he was correct. But after Driehaus lost that election, he dropped the suit. But the Susan B Anthony List hasn’t given up the fight. The group says it will move quickly to try to have the law tossed out.