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AAA forecasts increase in year-end holiday travel

AAA is projecting that a record number of people will be taking a trip this holiday season.  Spokeswoman Cheryl Parker says 94.5 million Americans will be traveling 50 miles or more from home from December 21 through January 1.

"It's up 0.6 percent from last year," said Parker, Corporate Public Affairs Manager for AAA Allied Group in Cincinnati.  "It's the fifth consecutive year that we've seen an increase in the number of people traveling, so it's the highest travel we've recorded since AAA's been tracking the data."

Here's the breakdown for Ohio:

  • 3.53 million expected to travel (up 0.6 percent)
  • 3.2 by automobile (up 0.9 percent)
  • 192,000 by air (slight decline)

Gas prices will be slightly higher than last year--$3.25 a gallon nationally and $3.27 locally.