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Christmas treats for Cincinnati Zoo animals

Twas two days before Christmas and throughout the zoo, creatures were stirring, including a mouse. But there were no stockings. Santa packed treats on the ground and in the trees for lucky animals like bears, a lion and elephants three.

Santa was narrating for kids who tagged along. "How do I make them happy during the holidays? I bring them their special gifts and such as the polar bear. They have an ice block and it has fish and all kinds of wonderful things that they like to eat."

First grader Aiden Palmer was watching as a spectacled bear got its gift. "I think Santa has dropped off some eggs underneath the Christmas tree or some logs and then maybe they go eat the eggs and then go back to sleep for the winter in hibernation."

In reality Santa stuffed, not eggs and logs, but fruit, vegetables and peanut butter. Colorful boxes for the elephants contained vegetarian stuff. And tinsel on John the Lion's tree was really sausage.

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