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Civic duty, preventing court fight; reasons given for voting

Beverly Haskins was determined to do her part when casting her ballot at the Westwood United Methodist Church Tuesday. She said, "After the recent issues with Tracie Hunter, as a voter, I just want to make sure, I can do what I can so it doesn't happen again."

Voters say they studied up

There was a steady stream of traffic in and out of Westwood United Methodist. Voter Steve Sheblessy was determined to be informed in what was a lengthy ballot. He said, "You've got to do your homework to get the things passed that you need to get in and get done."

In Avondale at the Urban League, it was just James Mills' second time to vote. "I'm just going with the flow."

Also voting at the Urban League was Paul McGhee. He said, "There are some controversial people running, so it should be a good day if the individual that's voting wants their person to win. So they should turn out. Other than that it's just going to be a wash and you're going to get the person you don't want."

Parking lots filled in Northern Kentucky

Northern Kentucky polling places had a lot of action. Around lunchtime it was hard to find a parking spot at St. Pius X and Hopeful Lutheran Church.  In Edgewood, Max Messmer was happy to see the crowd. He said, "You know it's really great to see that a lot of people are coming out. Unfortunately these mid-term elections (don't) get to see as many voters as presidential elections, but hopefully that can change in the coming years."

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.