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NeuroSwitch Gives Voice To ALS Patients

Tucked away inside the Milford City Building is a small technology company that is helping ALS patients and other people with the inability to move and communicate around the world.

Control Bionicsis the combined venture of James Schorey and former CNN news anchor Peter Ford. Schorey designed the sensor used in the NeuroSwitch and Ford adapted it to people with only the slightest of movement.

How it works

The NeuroSwitch uses computer hardware and software to read the biological signals of the body and turns them into a communications tool so patients can speak, do email and surf the web.

People are starting to do amazing things:

  • Driving robots
  • Writing love letters
  • Writing cookbooks
  • Editing video
  • Shopping online
  • Banking online

The NeuroSwitch costs about $17,000. The Veterans Administration and some insurance companies pay for it. Others do crowdfunding.
Professor Stephen Hawking is one of many who have tested the NeuroSwitch.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.