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Jewish College Sign Defaced

Rabbi Ken Kanter says the swastika appeared "hastily" done. It was quickly removed.

Cincinnati police are looking into an incident involving a hate symbol painted on a sign at a local Jewish seminary.

Authorities are investigating who spray painted a swastika on a sign at Hebrew Union College. Associate Dean Rabbi Ken Kanter calls the vandalism disturbing, but also offers some perspective.

"I think the placing of a swastika on a street sign, when we compare the events going on around the world, makes our little sign quite a minor nuisance rather than comparing it to events that have gone on all around our country and certainly around the world," says Kanter.

He says police were notified and responded right away. The image was quickly removed.

"We're grateful for the Cincinnati Police who came by immediately, took pictures, and then recommended that [we] clean the sign," he says. "It's all spick-and-span and back to its regular condition."

Police are reviewing video footage for a possible suspect.

Hebrew Union College released this statement Tuesday afternoon.

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