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Octopus, Jellyfish Ready For Newport Aquarium Debut

two girls gaze at an octopus
Newport Aquarium

The newest exhibit at the Newport Aquarium opens Friday. "Ring of Fire: World of the Octopus" features a giant Pacific octopus, hundreds of moon jellyfish, and Japanese spider crabs.The exhibit is cave-shaped to mimic the sea floor, complete with "churning seismic activity" as would be found around the Pacific Rim.

"You actually feel like you’re living deep under the ocean and in the ocean trenches around the Ring of Fire with these animals," says Newport Aquarium Executive Director Eric Rose in a statement.

a Japanese spider crab on a floor bed of blue stones
Credit Provided / Newport Aquarium
Newport Aquarium
Japanese spider crab

The giant Pacific octopus is expected to be a hit with visitors. The aquarium says it's the top most requested sea animal people wish they could see there.

A public ribbon cutting is set Friday, March 9 at 10:30 a.m.

More About The Exhibit From Newport Aquarium

Giant Pacific Octopus: After witnessing the unusual characteristics of the Giant Pacific Octopus, like their ability to camouflage and change shape, guests will get to explore the Octopus Den. An arched rock portal invites guests into this cave-like new space never before accessible to the public. There, they will learn more about this highly intelligent species through videos and interactives.
Moon Jellyfish: An all-new custom built display of Moon Jellyfish will showcase hundreds of moon jellyfish as they drift along. The picture window display is big enough so both little kids and grownups can take in the mesmerizing view.
Japanese Spider Crabs: The spider crabs will be featured in a cylindrical tank where guests can watch them explore their surroundings with a 360-degree view. Wall graphics showing the full size of the species will serve as a fun photo op next to a man-size crab as they can reach up to 12 feet claw to claw in the wild. Moon jellyfish

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